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acrylic paint study on multimedia paper

8 x 11 inches

currently hanging at equal grounds community cafe as part of my ::queerly yours:: exhibition

Price: $75

to purchase contact ash at:

while on my second artist residency at jupiterfab in gaudalajara mexico, i was working on my first outdoor mural. the mural was commissioned by a local resident who wanted something outside her home capturing the essence of some of the local natural beauty. the mural includes flowers and fruit all with different textures. still life has always been one of my favorite ways to practice technique so while on a break i became fascianted with capturing the texture of a banana, without spending hours trying to make it perfect. the spongy peel, the light strands coming from the peel, the mushy middle, bite marks, a rich background to hold it all — it all was a great exercise for me.

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