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pen & ink on multimedia paper with some digital editing


this is the first artwork in my «salud» series. it was meant to be a concept piece based on the connection between our physical hearts and our mental health. i researched this connection as a doctoral student in clinical psychology, and even did some cool research on it. since then i have been fascinated, and dedicated to healing my own heart, and hopefully standing beside others on the same road with real honesty, love, and compassion. this motif has evolved into so many of my other works that it has become my most well-developed series to date. and there is a lot more to come.

see more works in the «salud» series at the links below:

«salud:miriam»: a painting and pillow gift set for a dear friend.

«salud: COVID bubble»: a 10 x 14 foot mural including seven COVID-19 “bubbles,” or cells, surrounding a center ::salud:: series heart. each bubble has a  scene commemorating ethnographic accounts of healing collected during my artist residency in guadalajara, mexico.

«letting go»: is a post ayahuasca painting with the message: "let it go!" this painting captures and reminds me of the important medicine i received — and celebrates the freedom for my heart. for the medicine the bandage was removed.

«you are here to risk your heart»: is my latest painting with an ever developing special relationship with my my heart and mental health. i painted the piece over the «salud» heart prototype that i created for the «salud: COVID bubble» mural (image 2 in the gallery). more on the incredible journey of this painting soon.

design clothing and other merchandise with «salud:classic»

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