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«taino moon goddess»

water based paint markers on canvas board

7.5 x 7.5 inches

the taínos believed that the moon and sun come from the cave mautiatbuel, taking each other’s place in the sky at dawn and dusk. my favorite thing about how the «taino» moon goddess (or «diosa luna») is represented is that she is smiling. she ushers in rebirth. it reminds me of how the moon silently and powerfully influences and supports our lives.

the taínos are the indigenous people of puerto rico and other areas of the carribean and antilles — the first indigenous people ot encounter christopher columbus. not only are the taínos part of of my ancestry, their beliefs and art totally fascinate me. this piece is one of many planned helping me to connect to my ancestry and their amazing art.

design clothing and other merchandise with «the taino moon goddess»

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