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the birdhouse is your legacy


1. imagine that at your future funeral people could only say true things about you. what do you think they would say? (what would a little bird say about you?)

2. how do you feel about what you think they would say?

3. what true things do you WANT people to be able to say about you at the end of your life?

4. good news! you are alive and can decide what kind of legacy to leave behind. what can you do — starting today — to leave behind the kind of legacy you wish for?

**adapted from "the desert island exercise" in emotion regulation therapy (

pandora's box in an ongoing community based interactive art project. if you would like to participate in the pandora's box project by having your anonymized responses shared (along with other people's) during interactive community pandora's box project events, on ::savor: sites, and in grant and promotional materials for this project? (this is voluntary and permission can be revoked any time)


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