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the mirror is your inner voice


1. look closely at yourself in the mirror.

2. notice any negative thoughts/belief you are having about yourself? (e.g. i am ugly). how deep do these thoughts go for you?

3. offer yourself an alternative thought/belief (e.g. "i am beautiful"). repeat it to yourself slowly 10 times.

4. look in the mirror again. compliment yourself for your courage to be honest and open with yourself.

5. take at least 5 slow deep breaths — and remind yourself that you are worthy of love and acceptance — just as you are.

6. reflect: how can you make a habit of this practice?

**based on "mirror work" by louise hay**

pandora's box in an ongoing community based interactive art project. if you would like to participate in the pandora's box project by having your anonymized responses shared (along with other people's) during interactive community pandora's box project events, on ::savor: sites, and in grant and promotional materials for this project? (this is voluntary and permission can be revoked any time)


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