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«dar luz»

acrylic on multimedia paper (framed)

11 x 15 inches

price: $166

buy at my art store

dar luz.JPG

while on my second artist residency at jupiterfab, in guadalajara mexcio, i attended a traditional ayahuasca healing ceremony hosted by columbian taita josé francisco jojoa & his wife maima rosalba díaz. it was an intense experience for me with one main message: "let it go!" i began to see myself being destroyed and re-born from a black hole — connected umbilically by a gamma ray burst  (i am fascinated by black holes). in spanish to say «dar luz» or "to give light" is used to say "give birth," which i have always thought was beautiful.


artistically i was experimenting with painting over a dark background, an experiment i want to repeat. see «letting go» for more art inspired by my ayahuasca experience.

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