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«letting go»

pen & gouache on mixed media paper (framed)

~11.5 x 8.5 inches

currently hanging at the chase gallery as part of the queer art walk group exhibition

Price: $115

to purchase contact shantell jackson at:

this is a really pretty painting! while on my second artist residency at jupiterfab, in guadalajara mexcio, i attended a traditional ayahuasca healing ceremony hosted by columbian taita josé francisco jojoa & his wife maima rosalba díaz. for the ceremony we slept near the banks of the stunning lago de chapala. it was an intense experience for me with one main message: "let it go!" this painting captures and reminds me of the important medicine i received — and celebrates the freedom for my heart. i used the same heart design that is central to my «salud: COVID bubble» mural.

«letting go».JPG
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