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art projects.

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my ::salud:: project draws on our legacy as humans of making sense of our emotions, suffering, and healing through art. this project is one way i am merging my many years of doctoral training and practice in clinical psychology with my art. art has always been a way for me to connect with and express my emotions and mental health — and communicate with other people about emotions and mental health in ways that words cannot. iterations of my ::salud:: project include works created for interactive, public, and private purposes. of all the art i work on — this project is closest to my heart and soul.


introducing the latest public iteration of my ::salud:: project. with these FREE cards and the hashtags #iloveme and #savoreverything i am sharing a practice that has kept me alive and kept me going from childhood. due to very early childhood trauma i needed daily reminders of my worth and lovability — and i had to rely on myself for those reminders. listing what i liked/loved about myself was an act of desperation inspired by an elementary school exercise with a story from my teacher that touched my soul. the practice worked, and it has been a practice central to maintaining and often resetting my mental health ever since.


if you would like a FREE card or cards please send me a message and i will get it to you.

Origin story: when i was in elementary school

::pandora's box::


COVID bubble


::self reflection::

click below for my digital

::self-reflection:: exhibition

onsite exhibition: october 2023

rochester ny, fuego coffee roasters

click below to see other ::self-reflection:: project completed works, doodles, and works in progress

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click below for a gallery of images and videos in my ::flora:: project in development

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