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::pandora's box::

(iteration two)


::pandora’s box:: is a self-reflective interactive project that turns the pandora’s box myth of human nature on its head by inviting us to engage actively with the “darker” aspects of our individual and collective histories and realities. in this iteration of the project exposure to 7 simple interactive objects and accompanying self-reflective prompts (held in a vintage steamer trunk) promote a re-imagining of who we are, our human nature, and our true selves. for in-person interaction people are encouraged to interact with each object (the mirror, the washboard, the clipboard, the box, the birdhouse, the fence, and the bird cage) and each object has a bar-code on it that can be scanned for interacting at a deeper level with the piece by engaging with interactive prompts. this digital exhibition allows for similar engagement by allowing interaction with photos of each object with interactive prompts provided on each page (links to each page provided below).


in a society that increasingly institutionalizes and monetizes art and healing to promote capitalism, the goal of the larger ::pandora's box:: project fosters a remembering of who we are, and how we may heal collectively. each person who engages with the installation is invited to share their anonymized responses to the interactive prompts provided for each item (see. links below). later iterations of the project will include community responses that have been shared, continually infusing the project with new energy. every engagement has the potential to evolve the piece. it also allows for different levels of individual and communal healing and engagement with the project and its themes.


a modular walk-in installation enclosure is planned for future iterations of  ::pandora's box:: upon entering the enclosure individuals will be guided through a series of poignant visuals, sounds, and textual materials that are carefully interspersed among multiple mirrors. engagement with installation stimuli will gently prompt the individual to travel into a progressively deepening candid reflection on different “darker” aspects of the self and our human condition. the stimuli are inspired by ancient and contemporary mythical, academic, and spiritual sources that grapple with “dark” and “light” aspects of reality and our human condition. (e.g. the pandora’s box myth, emotional processing theory, and the work of poet, author, ordained zen priest, and medicine woman of the drum zenju earthlyn manuel). at each stage of deepening self-reflection, individuals will be given the option to exit the installation or go deeper. deeper engagement will reveal concepts of healing and pathways to the reduction of suffering through radical acceptance of the self and uncomfortable human realities. stay tuned...

Pandoras Box numbered.png

thank you for interacting!

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