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acrylic on stretched canvas (unframed)

11x14 inches


$145 for sale

i accept venmo, zelle, and cash

email me at:

this piece is based on a phrase from one of my poems that i wrote after reading the invisible man by ralph ellison. i wrote the poem at least 10 years before painting this piece. in both the poem and the painting i am trying to capture the the intense pain of being invisible to a person (or people) that you love. in both cases the invisibility was created by racism. in the painting, however, i was dealing with the harsh realities of racism in romantic relationships — something that is rarely discussed.

i am most proud of being able to create the effect of a ghostly image in the mirror with no one standing in front of the mirror. to accomplish this i first took a photo of myself in front of the mirror. then without moving the camera i took a photo of the same scene without me in it. then i combined the sources images into the painting.

if you have ever felt invisible, for any reason, this piece is for you.

«the invisible person
who sees themself
is the most haunted
of ghosts»

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