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title. «salud: COVID bubble»

date. june - july 2022

city. Guadalajara, Casa Jupiterfab

size. mural painting 10ft x 14ft

seven COVID-19 “bubbles,” or cells, contain scenes commemorating ethnographic accounts of healing collected during my artist residency in guadalajara, mexico. themes include: (1) heartbreak & grief, (2) domestic violence, (3) illness, (4) death, (5) anxiety, (6) overwhelmed medical professionals; and (7) isolation & lack of touch. above the “bubbles” is imagery representing our collective heart healing (8); mystical forces of healing and hope (9); and satirical COVID-19 denying COVID-19 cells (10). This work integrates my research and art practices to address a complex healing topic; and was the centerpiece for interactive free community-based healing activities and discussions at the mural inaugural exhibition.

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