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«homenanje al duho»

acrylic paint on a 12 inch hand turned basswood flat wooden bowl


«homenanje al duho» is a study of designs on sections of the duho (ceremonial seat) at the museo del hombre dominicano, in dominican republic. duhos were ornately carved wooden ritual seats used by taino caciques, or chiefs, during ceremonial communication with the the spirit world. my wooden bowl is focused on the circles with a central point, a prominent symbol in taino art that is thought to have great religious significance (e.g. the center and/or divinity); u-shape-connected triangles; teardrop shapes; and the face at the front of the duho (see images 3,4). there is a strong symbolic visual and geometric language across taino art forms — however the key to their exact meanings was destroyed by european colonization and genocide.


this piece is the first of a planned collection of various art pieces & forms that i am using to connect with and better understand my taino ancestors, their art, their beliefs and world view, their medicine & healing practices, and their wisdom. the bowl is available for viewing and purchase the nocal mocal art gallery in simi valley, california.

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