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exhibition. ::savor::

date. september 2023, opening september 1, 2023, 5-7pm EST

location: ugly duck coffee & online

city. rochester new york

no. of pieces. 17

description of this exhibition and my art: in my poetry i use the double colon before and after a word to indicate the ::experience:: of something. i call my art studio/practice ::savor:: because in my art i am always trying to communicate my experiences of savoring things that touch, bewilder, and fascinate me. in this exhibition i invite you to ::savor:: emotion, language, color, texture, patterns, dreams, natural phenomena, seemingly mundane life occurrences, and indigenous art from new mexico (where i grew up) & puerto rico (where my ancestors are from) with me. each piece in the exhibition has a qr code on it that links to the description pages for the images below.

bio: i have been described as the love child of bob ross and bob marley. i was born to a broadway and film actor/musician father and poet/writer mother in buffalo, new york. i formed as an artist growing up in the atomic soil of alamogordo, new mexico — when my parents decided to trade the hippie life for fundamentalist christian missionary life. though central to my heart and soul, art was largely sidelined until i decided to dedicate time to it daily around two years ago — and i established ::savor:: arts. I am endlessly in pursuit of knowledge and practice in multiple forms of artistic expression. in this way i savor everything!

click on images to enlarge and for more information

sol taino 2
entrelazamiento cuántico
miguel nuno hernandez
salud miriam
homanje al duho
letting go
sol taino 1
un vistazo
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