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«sol taíno 2»

acrylic paint and pens on wood board

24 x 24 inches

currently hanging at equal grounds community cafe as part of my ::queerly yours:: exhibition

Price: $333

to purchase contact ash at:


i intended on creating a bigger version of «sol taíno 1» when i started this painting. then i noticed that the wood grain looked like energy waves coming from the sun. MANY hours and brushstrokes later i am very happy with this piece. i used a combination of metallic and standard acrylic paint mixed with mica for shimmer.

this is one of a few taíno sun symbols. the taínos are the indigenous people of puerto rico and other areas of the carribean and antilles — the first indigenous people ot encounter christopher columbus. not only are the taínos part of of my ancestry, their beliefs and art totally fascinate me. the taínos believed that the sun and moon come from the cave mautiatbuel, taking each other’s place in the sky at dawn and dusk.

sol taino 2.JPG
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