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145 tamarindo seeds attached to a canvas painted with acrylic

the indigenous zia people of new mexico regard the sun as sacred (similar to my taino ancestors, the indigenous people of puerto rico). i grew up in alamogordo, new mexico where this sun symbol is very common. for example, the new mexico state flag looks a lot like this piece. this piece is made from 145 tamarindo seeds attached to a canvas painted with acrylic. around the central circle of the sun are four sets of four rays of sun.

four is a meaningful number to the zia people, representing many things including four sacred obligations they believe are important for everyone to develop: a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others. i am very fascinated with how the number four also shows up in taino belief and art—for example, the four phases of creation that led to humans … a subject for future art projects …


the colors, symbols, and values i was saturated with growing up in new mexico are very influential in my art ☀️.

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