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«miguel nuño hernández»

watercolor & pen (framed)

18 x 24 inches

a print of this piece is currently hanging at equal grounds community cafe as part of my ::queerly yours:: exhibition

Price: $85 for a PRINT of the original piece

to purchase contact ash at:

miguel is a very proud cantinero in an old school cantina in guadalajara mexico called cantina bar morelia hilton. he was mixing a regional favorite regional drink for me, la hierbabuena and was very excited about it. recipes for the drink differ. this one was made with mint juice, mint leaves, lime, vodka, tequila, salt, and ice (and maybe some other ingredients that i forgot after drinking one). i was in guadalajara for my first artist residency in june 2022 at jupiterfab, where i painted my first mural.

this is the first of a series of paintings highlighting bartenders in my ::los cantineros:: series that will be exhibited and for sale during august 2024 at the spirit room in rochester, ny. see more details by visiting my exhibitions.

miguel nuno hernandez_edited.jpg
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