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chalk, pastel, pen, and metallic marker on multimedia paper (professionally framed: see here)

~18 x 24 inches


currently hanging at the chase gallery as part of the queer art walk group exhibition

Price: $280

to purchase contact shantell jackson at:

this is a heartbreak piece. i created it as part of a new moon ritual after a harsh break up to express my determination to RISE from the ashes of yesterday. it was really fun to create. this peice features the taíno moon goddess, who is always depicted as smiling, which i love. she ushers in rebirth. the skeleton on the right is my version of a tarot 10 of swords phase of my life. the swords with rose-tipped handles are based on swords of spanish colonizers. they are featured again in bubble 1 of my «salud: COVID bubble»
mural. on the left i feature the floating island of evergreens cosmos ship that appeared in my dreams a few years ago.

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